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Personalize messages with database contents

To merge database fields, please follow these steps:
  1. Locate the group box DynamicText which is place on the right of the Create Email window. Have a look at the screenshot below.
  2. Click on the database field, which you want to merge into your e-mail message.
  3. Left click again and hold the mouse botton. You can now drag this database field on your e-mail message.
  4. Position the mouse cursor in your e-mail message, where you want the field information to appear. Release mouse button.

Fields can be placed everywhere in the e-mail message (HTML and plain text part), Subject- and To-line.

If you want to send targeted (by geographical location, number of visits or database contents) emails, please have a look at the DynamicText tutorial.


To start the tutorial, please follow these steps: 

  1. Click on Help in the menu of the Create Email window.
  2. Click on DynamicText Tutorial in the drop down menu.

Online Documentation contains further DynamicText code snippets requested by users. Click here to find additional DynamicText Code snippets.

Example Screenshot:

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