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This feature allows you to track where your recipients are geographically located and to send geographically targeted e-mails.

Geolocation allows you to determine the exact geographical location of your recipients. This data is automatically added to Tracking databases and is immediately available in DynamicText. You can use this data to send geographically targeted e-mails to countries, regions or even cities. Have a look at the DynamicText tutorial for more information.

To access statistics click on "View Reports" in the main menu. Choose your mailing(s), for you which you want to receive a report. Click on "Next".

Statistics are available both as spreadsheet (can be exported to Excel or CSV) and as graphics.

Example graphs:

Geolocation 1

The size of the red circles reflects the number of recipients in the specific region. Since these maps are draggable, you can use your mouse or the directional arrows to pan left, right, up and down to see areas that are hidden offscreen. You can also use the slider to zoom in and zoom out to any detail level.

What is the precision of geolocation?

Precision depends on the country, where your recipient is located. Please have a look at the following table:

Countries Correctly Resolved Within 25 Miles of True Location
Argentina 68%
Australia 67%
Austria 78%
Belgium 87%
Brazil 75%
Canada 82%
Chile 82%
China 79%
Croatia 80%
Cyprus 82%
Czech Republic 78%
Denmark 84%
Finland 82%
France 60%
Germany 74%
Greece 74%
Hong Kong 89%
Hungary 79%
Iceland 86%
India 76%
Ireland 72%
Israel 76%
Italy 63%
Japan 76%
Korea, Republic of 82%
Luxembourg 95%
Malaysia 71%
Mexico 80%
Netherlands 88%
New Zealand 66%
Norway 78%
Poland 75%
Portugal 79%
Romania 84%
Russian Federation 80%
Singapore 95%
Slovakia 83%
Slovenia 85%
South Africa 75%
Spain 76%
Sweden 81%
Switzerland 63%
Taiwan 89%
Turkey 73%
United Arab Emirates 78%
United Kingdom 60%
United States 85%

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