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What is the difference between HTML and Plain Text Parts of an email?

E-mails can contain a HTML Part or Plain Text Part or a combination of both (HTML/Plain Text Multipart). For best results we recommend to send HTML/Plain Text Multipart e-mails (see end of this text for an explanation).


HTML, short for Hypertext Markup Language, is the name of the language, which is used to create web pages on the WWW and for feature rich e-mails.

HTML gives you the following advantages

  • You can create a formatted e-mail message text, such as
    • italic and bold text
    • unnumbered or numbered lists
    • tables
  • You can include images in your e-mail message
  • Recipients can directly click on links to other web pages
  • The following features only work with HTML e-mails: Track Opened Emails, Track Clicked Links, Website Tracking, Geolocation

Plain Text Part

As the name suggests this part contains text only without any formatting and images.

Plain Text still has some advantages

  • Some recipients have old text based e-mail clients, which cannot display HTML messages
  • Spam filters are less likely to filter your message
  • Size of the e-mail will be much smaller

HTML/Plain Text Multipart

If your recipient does not explicitly wish to receive a  Plain Text e-mail, it is recommended to send a HTML/Plain Text Multipart e-mail.

  • If your recipient has an old text-based e-mail client, he still will be able to view the message
  • Spam filters give you a positiv score for the plain text part, so your overall deliverability rate will be increased.

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