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What are FreeCredits?

What are FreeCredits?

With FreeCredits you can send emails free of charge in excess of your monthly quota. You get 100 FreeCredits per recommendation. With 100 FreeCredits you can send 100 emails. Every month.

How can I get FreeCredits?

You get FreeCredits by referring our software to others. It is very easy and only takes a few seconds of your time.

1.) Login into the application.
2.) In the text menu click on "Help" and "Get FreeCredits!"

A window will pop up which enables you to send a recommendation email and shows a download banner, which you can use on your homepage or newsletter.

Is there any limit for the number of FreeCredits I can receive?

No. FreeCredits can be accumulated, e.g. if you recommend the software to 10 friends, you will receive 1000 FreeCredits.

When do I get my FreeCredits?

FreeCredits will be automatically added to your account, when somebody downloads the software using your download link and signs up for a Free Edition account. Each time you get FreeCredits, you will receive a notification email.

Is there any technical difference between Free Edition and many FreeCredits and Professional Edition?

No. The biggest technical difference of Free Edition/Professional Edition is the monthly quota. Free Edition comes with a quota of 200 emails per month, Professional Edition with 1,000 emails per month (or more). If you recommend our software to many people and receive many FreeCredits, your Free Edition account might become as powerful as a Professional Edition account.

If I decide to switch to Professional Edition what will happen to my FreeCredits?

FreeCredits will be added to the quota of Professional Edition account.

Are there any requirements?

We want to preserve the professional image of our company, so we require you not to use deceptive marketing practices. Deceptive marketing practices include sending "spam" emails, falsifying features or misleading users. We reserve the right to disable your account at any time in case of violation of our terms.

Some examples we don't particularly like to see:

  • Spamming people with recommendation emails
  • Get rich quick schemes
  • Web sites that feature or advertise adult entertainment
  • Web sites that feature or advertise gambling
  • Web sites that are related to spam
  • Send recommendation emails to people you don't know

Am I allowed to publish the download link on other web site than my homepage, for example in forums?

Please check the terms of the Web Site where you want to publish the download link. If it's allowed, feel free to publish your download link.

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