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4. Subscriptions and Unsubscriptions

Create subscription forms, handle unsubscriptions and spam complaints

article Create a subscription form
A confirmed opt-in subscription form can easily be created. Confirmed opt-in means that a confirmation email will be sent to your users after they have signed up for your newsletter. To create a subscription form, please follow these steps:Login into the application and click on Create...

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article How can I send emails to a user, who unsubscribed in the past, but now wants to subscribe again?
In order to send emails to this user again, the application's Subscription Form has to be used.

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article Is my database modified when a user unsubscribes?
No, your database is not modified.In order to guarantee CAN-SPAM compliance unsubscriptions are handled automatically. If you send a newsletter to a user list, which contains unsubscribed users, emails will not be delivererd to these users. You can check Delivery Reports to determine if your...

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article When are new subscriptions added to my database?
New subscriptions can be added to your database as soon you want to send a newsletter to the corresponding list.A window will pop up with a list of new subscriptions. You can choose to add these subscriptions now or at a later time.

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