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6. DynamicText

Send personalized and targeted emails.

article Getting Started
What is DynamicText?DynamicText is a powerful personalization engine to send targeted newsletters to your recipients.DynamicText can merge database fields into your e-mail message and individually greet each recipient. DynamicText is also a full featured script language which allows you to...

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article What is Preview DynamicText?
What is DynamicText?If you do not know, what DynamicText is and for what it can be used, please click here.What is Preview DynamicText?Preview DynamicText allows you to generate statistics on the results of your DynamicText code.Create your newsletter in the 'Create Email' window.Enter your...

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article AB test the performance of 2 different links
This example returns two different links at random. You can measure the performance of each advertisement with SendEmails's reporting functions.Evaluate(If(GreaterThan(Random(1;100);50);<a href="http://yourdomain/product1">Text for Product 1</a>;<a...

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article Personal salutation if database does not contain gender information.
This computes the gender from first name (stored in database field [First_Name]) and chooses the approbiate salutation.Evaluate(GetGender([First_Name];Dear Mr. [First_Name] [Last_Name];Dear Ms. [First_Name] [Last_Name];Dear Madam or Sir))

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article Personally greet recipient, if database contains his first name.
Evaluate(If(IsEmpty([First_Name]);Dear Customer;Hello [First_Name]))

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article Reorder offers according to the age group of recipient.
Reorders text accoring to the age group of recipient. Age is computed from database field [Birthday]. Evaluate(Reorder(Mul(-1;Abs(Sub(Age([Birthday]);7)));offers for kids;Mul(-1;Abs(Sub(Age([Birthday]);15)));offers for boys/girls;Mul(-1;Abs(Sub(Age([Birthday]);20)));for young...

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article Send a link to a web page, if user has not already visited this page.
If user with email address [Email_Address] has already visited "", the email will not be sent. Evaluate(If(HasVisited([[Email_Address];;DoNotSend();)) 

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article Send a special offer to a user, who has visited a page more than 2 times.
If the user with email address [Email_Address] has visited the page "" more than 2 times, the email will be send.Evaluate(If(GreaterThan(NumberOfVisits([Email_Address];;1);;DoNotSend()))

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article Send an email to a user who has birthday in the current month.
If user with birthday date [Birthdaydate] has his birthday in the current month, the email will be send. Evaluate(If(HasBirthdayThisMonth([Birthdaydate]);;DoNotSend()))

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